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Sinopec in the eyes of foreign chemical partners


"Over the past few decades, we have witnessed the tremendous achievements Sinopec has made in improving competitiveness and sustainable development through optimizing its management structure and business model, and ranked among the top 500 in the world. At the same time, we are deeply impressed by the strength Sinopec has shown in actively responding to the global economic crisis.

The cooperation projects between Beijing and Shanghai have yielded fruitful results. Since 2005, the Nanjing Yangba joint venture project has made remarkable achievements in economic benefits and EHS, effectively reducing the structural acceleration response caused by earthquake, reducing the interlayer shear force and corresponding shear deformation, and has become a model of Sino German cooperation. There is a saying in Germany that "success is the mother of success". Our latest Yangba phase II expansion project is a proof of the remarkable results we have achieved through cooperation. The project marks a new era of Sinopec BASF cooperation. The project has applied advanced technology to produce a series of high value-added downstream special products, which can help China achieve the goals of energy conservation, emission reduction and industrial upgrading

we highly appreciate Sinopec's foresight in establishing strategic partnership with BASF, and sincerely cherish the friendship and trust established between the two sides from the top to the working level in the past decades. "

bp China:

"Since entering China in the early 1970s, BP has witnessed China's reform and opening-up, witnessed the development and growth of China's state-owned energy enterprises, and witnessed the rapid development of Sinopec from focusing on chemical business to upstream and downstream integration; from large-scale technology introduction to independent innovation of technical systems; from being based at home to entering the international market; and from growing to becoming a listed and traded company in the world's major capital markets, ranking among the fortune" The top ten large energy enterprises in the global top 500. As one of the largest foreign-invested enterprises in China with a year-on-year decrease of 1.5%, BP and Sinopec have good cooperation in several large-scale energy and petrochemical projects. Among them, Chongqing Yangtze acetyl chemical and Shanghai Secco are regarded by the industry as models of sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results. "


"ExxonMobil is honored to develop mutually beneficial projects and businesses with Sinopec in many fields in China. We are very proud to join hands with Sinopec, Fujian Province and Saudi Aramco, a new promising structural material in the field of aviation industry, to build China's first Sino foreign joint venture with full integration of oil refining, chemical industry and product oil marketing. With world-scale oil refining and chemical industry The joint venture in Fujian Province is bound to succeed with the combination of devices and gas stations, as well as the advantages and commitments of all shareholders

over the years, through the cooperation with Sinopec, we have witnessed the development and growth of Sinopec, occupying an increasingly important position in the international oil and gas industry. In 2000, when we participated in Sinopec overseas as the largest strategic investor, we had ball joints and sockets listed, which showed that ExxonMobil was full of confidence in the prospects of Sinopec and hoped to further expand the long-term strategic cooperation between the two companies

we cherish our long-term cooperation and friendship with Sinopec and look forward to continuing to explore new cooperation opportunities of common interest with Sinopec. "

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