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Nowadays, decoration owners have many wall materials to choose from, but the bathroom is more suitable for tiling. However, the cold and humid environment in the bathroom also makes us pay more attention to the health, environmental protection and performance of ceramic tiles. When consumers choose, they must pay more attention to the skid resistance, strength, water absorption and glaze quality of glazed tiles. Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian will teach you some tips on choosing tiles in the bathroom today. Let's learn together

tips for choosing ceramic tiles in bathroom 1: the floor tiles in bathroom should be anti-skid

although the brand will show the relevant data to consumers when choosing, it is more suitable to make a judgment by trying to step on it in person. If possible, you can sprinkle some water and try again. In addition, the anti-skid of ceramic tiles is mainly formed by the friction of the contact surface, so you can try to buy some floor tiles with patterns and bumps, such as antique bricks of qianghui brand. In addition, if you use polished bricks, you must pay attention to asking whether antiskid agent is added, and you can also feel whether there is astringent antiskid effect after encountering water

tips for choosing ceramic tiles in bathroom 2: ceramic tile strength

if the ceramic tile strength is not enough, it is easy to cause the overall cracking of the ceramic tile, and then there are risks such as product falling off and scratching. However, industry experts said that there is no necessary connection between the strength and thickness of ceramic tiles, and the strength essentially depends on the texture. Therefore, consumers do not have to buy too thick ceramic tiles when purchasing

tips for choosing ceramic tiles in bathroom 3: water absorption of wall tiles

water absorption determines its paste firmness. Generally speaking, the lower the water absorption rate means the higher the compactness of the product and the stronger the anti pollution ability. The tiles with high water absorption rate will cause the surface cracking of the tiles and the peeling of the overall tiles after thermal expansion and contraction. In Beijing, where the environment is four seasons clear, toilets need to pay more attention to this problem. Enthusiastic prompt, the simple judgment method is to knock, the sound is crisp and big, and the density is high; Those with hoarse voice have low density and high water absorption

tips for choosing ceramic tiles in bathroom 4: whether polished bricks absorb color

some polished bricks with better brands such as samet ceramics adopt the industry's first ultra clean and bright technology, that is, a nano protective layer with special functions and stable structure is formed on the surface of ordinary polished bricks, which completely fills the pores formed on the surface of polished bricks, so that they are more antifouling, wear-resistant and slip resistant




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