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Mingzhu Chuangzhan reminds you: the Dragon Boat Festival expressway is not free, and you should remember these ten points when you go out

Mingzhu Innovation Exhibition reminds you:

according to the notice of the general office of the State Council, the notice on the holiday arrangements for the Dragon Boat Festival in 2018 is as follows: June 16 ~ June 18, a total of 3 days

during the "Dragon Boat Festival" holiday this year, highways are not free. During the year, only during the Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, may day and national day, passenger cars with less than seven seats (including seven seats) can take the expressway for free

due to the relatively short holiday, the traffic flow is expected to be high in the three days of the holiday, which is prone to congestion and accidents. Among them, it is expected that the traffic flow will increase significantly from the afternoon of the day before the holiday (June 15), the peak traffic flow will appear on June 16, the traffic flow will fall back on June 17 but will still operate at a high level, the return traffic flow peak will appear on June 18, and the traffic flow is expected to quickly fall back to the daily value on June 19

pearl creative exhibition reminds you that although the expressway is not free during the small long holiday, Xiaobian believes that there is still a lot of traffic on the expressway. No matter on the way home or on the way out, you must pay attention to driving safety and obey the traffic rules. Here, the Pearl Innovation Exhibition summarizes ten precautions for high-speed travel, careful driving and safe travel. Please read them carefully

first, you should check your car for potential safety hazards before getting on the highway! For example, whether the four tires have cracks, bulges, tire pressure, lights and so on. Check whether there is too little brake fluid, antifreeze, engine oil, etc. in the engine compartment

second, before going on vacation, you must plan the route in advance. If you are driving at a long-distance high-speed, you must check the highway and weather conditions along the way. It is best to make another alternative route in case of need. In addition, due to the relatively concentrated traffic flow during holidays, friends with conditions had better travel off peak to avoid falling into long-term congestion

the March and May Day holidays are in the thunderstorm season. Slow down or rest nearby in bad weather. You should be especially careful and slow down in rainy and foggy days. If the weather is really bad, find the nearest service area to rest as soon as possible and wait for a while. If you don't get better for a long time, you can consider taking a rest nearby. Don't drive reluctantly to avoid danger

IV. everyone will say that there is enough headway at the high speed, but what kind of headway is enough? You only need to follow the "two second rule". No matter what speed you are driving, when the current car passes a point (such as a road sign), you count 2 seconds before you reach that point. This is the safe distance of the "2-second rule". Don't believe in low-level algorithms such as high-speed 200 meters and urban 50 meters. The safe distance between cars changes with the speed at any time. Only the 2-second rule allows you to check the distance between yourself and the car in front of you all the time. If you encounter low visibility and slippery road conditions, you can increase the safety standard to 3 seconds or 5 seconds by yourself

v. keep your vision clear in front of you and don't follow behind the car that blocks your vision. So don't follow behind the trucks and buses. If you really follow them, pull back a little to see the road conditions in front of them

VI. pay attention to your rear from time to time, and don't let any vehicle get too close to you. Some people are really harmless when following cars. Ignorant people are fearless. We can't afford to provoke such people, but we can hide. Let's change lanes or slow down and let them pass. If there are large vehicles close to you in the rear, you should take action immediately. It is the best policy to change lanes and escape

VII. If the current traffic flow stops due to congestion, you must stop away from the car in front and avoid the big car. In case there is a car behind you or behind you that can't slow down enough to overtake you, the distance between you and the car in front is the escape space you leave for yourself. Leaving an extra meter may change your life

VIII. Don't occupy the emergency Lane no matter how blocked it is. Don't occupy the emergency lane. Don't occupy the emergency lane. Say important things three times. If there is an accident ahead and the vehicle occupies the emergency lane, the rescue vehicle cannot arrive at the scene, delaying the rescue opportunity. Don't try to occupy the emergency Lane in an instant, leaving a life-saving channel for others and yourself

IX. be sure to stay away from fatigue driving. Many friends who have long-distance driving experience know that long-term high-speed driving is very easy to cause drowsiness. When driving a vehicle, your body is tired and sleepy. You must find a nearby service area to rest for a while to ensure your energy to avoid dangerous situations

X. the vehicle must be locked when parking in the service area. Long distance and high-speed driving inevitably requires entering the service area for rest. When parking to the bathroom, be sure to close the window and lock the vehicle, put away the valuables in the vehicle and do not expose them, so as to avoid theft

when you go out, you should also pay attention to fire prevention, theft prevention and theft prevention at home. Choose Mingzhu Chuangzhan products to add a security guarantee to your home

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