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The Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development answered questions on the full decoration policy, and will build a "four lines of defense" control system

strengthen the whole process supervision and control, and focus on quality and price control

Changsha Evening News (reporter Chen Huanming intern Zhang Lei) the full decoration policy of commercial housing is deeply concerned by all sectors of society. What is the background and significance of implementing the full decoration policy in Changsha? How to ensure the quality and performance of fully decorated houses? How to implement the full decoration policy in Changsha? Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development answered questions about the implementation of the policy of full decoration of commercial housing in Changsha and answered questions of general concern to the public. The reporter learned that since Changsha launched its first commercial residential full decoration project in 2006, the city has implemented a full decoration residential project of about 20million square meters. According to the policy, the delivery ratio of full decoration in the main urban area of Changsha is not less than 70%, and the delivery ratio of "Changwang LiuNing" is not less than 30%, forming a process and trend of gradual promotion

significance: to solve the problems of pollution, noise and so on, about 240000 tons of garbage can be reduced every year

the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development said that in January 2006, the Pearl River Flower City Guiyuan developed by Pearl river industry was the first full decoration project of commercial residential buildings in Changsha. Since then, Vanke, Evergrande, Zhonghai and other enterprises have successively developed and constructed full decoration residential buildings, bringing a good demonstration effect to the full decoration market in Changsha. Yunda, pioneer HENGWEI and other local enterprises have successively developed fully decorated residential projects, which are welcomed by consumers. "The implementation of fully decorated commercial housing can effectively reduce construction waste, optimize the living environment and curb real estate speculation." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development said that according to estimates, the implementation of full decoration in Changsha can reduce decoration waste by about 240000 tons per year

according to statistics, Changsha handles more than 1000 decoration complaints and disputes every year, and recently there have been calls caused by dishonest home decoration enterprises running away, forcing Changsha to speed up the introduction of full decoration policies and standardize the management of the decoration market. In addition, in the residential quarter where the blanks are delivered, many owners complain that the decoration in the quarter is non-stop, and the noise and garbage of home decoration have seriously affected the environment of the quarter for several years. The "bag check-in" of the fully decorated residence can completely solve these problems and bring a livable living environment to the owners

in order to promote and standardize the full decoration market, starting from the national macro strategy of promoting the green construction mode, combined with the needs of quality Changsha construction and the transformation and upgrading of the development and construction industry, and according to the requirements of national and provincial documents, Changsha has continued to improve and perfect the full decoration policy since 2015

guarantee: build a "four lines of defense" control system and focus on quality and price control

according to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, Changsha's full decoration policy has built a management system combining market competition, main responsibility and administrative supervision, and has focused on the control of the quality, price and sales of the full decoration, striving to improve the construction method, physical quality and "cost performance" of the full decoration process

first of all, we should strictly control the conformity between price and quality. Changsha should learn from the practices of advanced places, determine market rules, main responsibilities, administrative supervision and legal weapons, and vigorously build an effective control system of "four lines of defense". It is required to publicize the text of the model contract and the delivery list before the project is sold, build a variety of model houses for the owner's reference and selection, and clarify that the delivery standard should not be lower than the requirements of the model house and the contract, so as to ensure equal value and transparent information, and ensure the owner's rational judgment

at the same time, administrative supervision will be strengthened. The full decoration price calculated by the third-party cost consulting agency shall not exceed the specified requirements and reasonable range. Strengthen the supervision of the main body responsible for project construction, punish violations according to law and record them in the enterprise credit file, and include them in the "blacklist" of full decoration if the circumstances are serious, forming a high-pressure supervision situation. When the buyer and the seller have a full decoration dispute, they should conduct reasonable negotiation according to the contract. If the negotiation fails, they can apply for arbitration or court judgment according to law. If the development enterprise or the cost consulting agency does have violations of laws and regulations, it shall strictly investigate the relevant responsibilities as required

the second is to strictly control the quality and safety. Changsha will incorporate the whole decoration into the capital construction procedure, handle the construction permit, and conduct quality safety supervision. When the project is completed, it shall be subject to household acceptance as required and signed by the owner for confirmation. After delivery, the quality warranty system shall be implemented in accordance with national regulations

explanation: billing items are set up in accordance with relevant regulations, and the contract is protected and bound by civil laws and regulations.

the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development introduced that in view of the problems of cost calculation of design, sales, finance and other expenses that are generally concerned by citizens, these billing items are set up in accordance with the relevant documents of project cost and the Interim Measures for the price management of commodity housing in Changsha, but the specific amount of fees should be calculated, The third-party cost consulting agency shall conduct reasonable accounting according to the provisions of the documents and the actual situation, and the development enterprise and the third-party cost consulting agency shall do a good job in answering the owner's questions

with regard to the full decoration contract, the online signing and filing system of commercial housing is carried out in accordance with laws and regulations such as the administrative measures for the pre-sale of urban commercial housing, in order to prevent two sales of one house and protect the rights and interests of buyers. According to the model text of commercial housing purchase and sale contract, both the development enterprise and the Buyer negotiate and reach an agreement, draw up the contract terms, enter the information in the supervision system of existing housing sales and pre-sale funds, complete the online signing, and then print the paper media contract text. Both parties sign and seal. This is a civil legal act, and the signed contract is protected and bound by civil laws and regulations

for the contents added beyond the model text of the commercial housing sales contract, both parties shall reach an agreement through negotiation, and the contract shall come into force after being signed by both parties. The contract shall be the embodiment of the common will of both parties. If it is not the embodiment of the will of the contract signatory, the parties may refuse to sign it. If consumers believe that developers have infringed their rights and interests through format contracts, they can report to the industrial and commercial department according to their functions and responsibilities, and the industrial and commercial department and the housing and construction department will seriously investigate and deal with them




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