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Asking parents to help install the wedding room really almost collapsed. It doesn't matter. Yashilan seamless wall cloth has brought you several styles of wedding room decoration strategies to help you escape the clutches of your parents ~

asking your parents to help install the wedding room

really nearly collapsed

how do you feel...

Oh, this strange brain circuit

don't say much, there is a picture to prove it

ah ~ my damn ~ nowhere to put the bedroom

she's here, I here she is, She came with the strategy. Di ~ Di ~ Di ~ high energy warning ahead, yes, your lovely and charming editor has brought you several styles of wedding room decoration strategies, Help you escape the clutches of your parents ~

the combination of Chinese and Western style

suitable for people: young people living with their parents

yashilan h6-8646

in the modern wedding room decoration

many of them are taken over by the new parents

and how to retain the opinions of two generations

and live comfortably is an art

might as well be in the dark gray yashilan wallpaper decoration style

. add a little red

a string of Buddha beads murals or A red desk

can make the wedding room look more warm and lively and easier for parents to accept

Mediterranean style

suitable for people: literary youth small fresh

yashilan i9-9949

Mediterranean style

with very refreshing blue and white elements

soft tones and matching atmosphere

get the love of young people

choose blue and white yashilan wallcovering

with shells, pebbles Elements such as stripes

the decoration of the wedding room is not only more exotic

it can create a natural, fresh and vibrant living atmosphere

warm princess style

suitable for people: the soft girl of the secondary population

yashilan e3-5353

every girl has a princess dream in her heart

as long as the decoration is used properly, it is not difficult to add pink

try to be unified and light in color selection

green lighting and white bookcase Light pink wall cloth

let's create a warm yashilan theme park together

take the wedding room as a children's room to create a dream world that meets your needs

suitable for young couples who maintain a certain childlike innocence

American pastoral style

suitable for people: overseas people get close to natural people

yashilan e4-5431

pastoral style praises nature in aesthetics

strive to be leisurely and relaxed in the indoor environment Comfortable pastoral taste

often use natural wood, rattan, bamboo and other simple textures

cleverly set up greening or antique crafts indoors

paired with fresh and elegant yashilan light yellow wall cloth

in such a simple and natural atmosphere of the wedding room

also symbolizes a sincere love without lack of details

yashilan's wall cloth is so beautiful, the wedding room decoration is natural. As a passer-by, I would like to tell you that it is better not to bother the two elders with such a trivial matter as the little couple's wedding room. Do it yourself and have plenty of food and clothing. Yashilan seamless wall fabric has always focused on the perfect combination of the artistic needs of modern home life and China's Millennium fabric weaving skills. With art as the guide and process innovation as the support, it aims to create a colorful bubble legend, inherit jacquard classics, and create embroidery brilliance, Promote the seamless wall cloth to the height of art, and provide diversified art wall cloth products for people who pursue quality life

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