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Nowadays, furniture is produced by manufacturers in a unified way, which enables consumers to choose their own appropriate decoration style products. With the increasing number of decoration styles, some large-scale production furniture can no longer meet the diverse needs of consumers. The following editor will introduce the key points of furniture purchase and furniture installation skills

key points of furniture purchase

1. The room area determines the style

you can customize the size and style of furniture according to the area of the room. If the area of the house is relatively small, you can try to choose simple and small furniture, which can save space and make the bedroom less crowded

2. Be consistent with the decoration style.

the choice of furniture should be consistent with the decoration style. If it is decorated in Chinese style, the choice of panel furniture will appear out of place and very incongruous

3. Pay attention to the rationality of furniture use

when choosing furniture, we should consider the rationality of use, not just look at the appearance, but choose according to needs

4. Avoid unnecessary waste

when choosing furniture, do not cause unnecessary waste in pursuit of personality. If the budget is limited, you can choose some furniture with relatively simple design. If you simply pursue personality and do some unnecessary design, it will cause unnecessary waste

furniture installation skills

1. Pay attention to the protection of the position during installation, because the last entry of furniture, and the key objects that need to be protected are: floor, wallpaper, wall lamp, door, etc

2. Follow up the installation process personally. If the furniture is damaged in the installation process, you can ask the manufacturer for compensation; If you install it yourself, you must pay attention to protection. For example, the ground can be protected with soft materials to avoid scratches

3. For the installation of handles and hardware, the installation position should be determined to avoid different heights and positions, which will affect the appearance. For example, the handle of the hanging cabinet must be installed under the door, while the ground cabinet and the small cabinet of the desk must be placed on it

4. If you are replacing old furniture, you should pay attention to hygiene, because you need to punch holes when installing furniture, which will inevitably produce some sawdust and dust

5. General panel furniture has no shape, but it is limited to some small pieces of furniture, such as small shoe cabinets, small seats, etc; Large pieces of furniture, solid wood furniture, or furniture with very complex shapes, such as wardrobe, lobby cabinet, etc., are not suitable for DIY installation, regardless of the brand of furniture

editor's summary: here are the key points of furniture purchase and furniture installation skills, hoping to be helpful to you. You can pay attention to information if you want to know more about it




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