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On May 22, after the persistent tracking and maintenance of Fuchuan team and the full tracking of President Wei, Fuchuan store won 298000 orders

on May 22, Fuchuan, Guangxi, won 298000 orders! This order, which originated from the introduction of the stores around the old store, has been followed up for more than three months. After the tireless tracking and maintenance of Fuchuan team and the full tracking of President Wei, Fuchuan store has won 298000 orders

Yihe word-of-mouth, strength certification

the owner who signed the bill this time is always the younger brother of the previous owner of the retail store around the old store, because the owner of the retail store saw that our products were doing well, and the local word-of-mouth was also very good. When he knew that his younger brother needed to find windows and doors, he recommended them. President Chen also fully felt the brand influence of Yihe products through the understanding of the surrounding construction sites

the same brand, tracking and comparison

because the owner, Mr. Chen, has always been outside and has never seen our products, he has been learning about the situation through the phone, and local small brands are tracking and comparing. Prior to this, President Wei timely sent and explained the characteristics of Yihe products according to the needs of the owners, and made a comparative analysis of the products to make a comparative diagram

field visit, product explanation

when Mr. Wei of Fuchuan learned about Mr. Chen's situation outside, he first gave Mr. Chen the total size, and made two plans according to the actual situation. Two sets of quotations were given to Mr. Chen, of which local small brands also made corresponding quotations. When the owner, Mr. Chen Wuyi, came home, Mr. Wei contacted the owner at the first time and took the owner to the construction site to see the effect of installing billions of products

considerate service and trust at ease

after a series of consideration and comparison, the owner, Mr. Chen, finally chose Yihe. After three months of follow-up and relationship mode of Fuchuan store, the owner believed in the product quality of Yihe store, saw the considerate service and strong team cohesion of Yihe Fuchuan store, and was moved by the spirit of President Wei working hard with illness. After three months of continuous follow-up, the owner was relieved to entrust

General Manager Wei, owner of Fuchuan Yihe exclusive store

this big order stood out in the fierce brand competition and won the hearts of customers, which depended on the strong recommendation of surrounding stores and the brand influence of Yihe. This time, general manager Wei of Fuchuan store insisted on following up with customers when he was ill, and played a good leading role for the team. It can be seen from this big order that behind every success is persistence and dedication, and there is no harvest and success of sitting back and enjoying success




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